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Narwood prides itself on producing the best quality watches while still conserving the environment, therefore we have partnered with OneTreePlanted. They are a charity involved in forest replantation to make sure that we can continue to produce the highest quality of watches for years to come as well as protect the biodiversity of the world we live in.

At Narwood we have teamed up with  OneTreePlanted and for every watch you buy, we plant one tree in the forest in order to help conserve the delicate ecosystem in which we live. By buying Narwood you can do your bit to help conserve the environment.

Why Trees?

Please take a look at our partner charities website to view why trees and sustainability are so important.

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Forests are more than just a collection of trees—they are integrated ecosystems and home to some of the most diverse life on earth. They are also major players in the carbon and water cycles that make life possible. When forests are lost or degraded, their destruction sets off a series of changes that affect life both locally and around the world.

Lasting effects from the ongoing destruction of wilderness will be the mass extinction of species that provide earth with biodiversity. Although great extinctions have occurred in the past, none has occurred as rapidly or has been so much the result of the actions of a single species.